IIS Alumni Research Grant Application 2020

The Institute of Ismaili Studies has established the Alumni Research Grant (ARG) to support the academic and professional development of IIS alumni who wish to present papers, publish their work, or undertake further research following their studies at the IIS.

There are two categories for ARG funding: (1) field research studies and publications; and (2) conferences and courses. ARG funding for conducting field research studies or the publication of monographs and articles is set at a maximum amount of £1,000. For the funding of research presentations at academic conferences and courses, the maximum funding is £500.

The Alumni Relations Unit of the IIS has designed this online application form to make it easier for you to submit your application which will be reviewed by the Alumni Research Grant Committee (ARGC). All applications will be blind reviewed by the ARGC.

Please refer to the Alumni Research Grant ToRs available on: https://iis.ac.uk/graduate-studies/alumni/alumni-services/research-grant

You are able to save your application form if you would like to complete it at a later time (Click on 'Resume Later' at the top of the page, after you click 'Next' below).


Please note: From January 1st 2020, the application deadlines will be at 5 pm on the final working day (Friday) of April, July, and November. If your application is submitted after the deadline (i.e., after 5pm on the final working day of April, July, or November), your application will be reviewed at the next application review cycle.

You will only be able to submit one application for the funding of either a field research study, the publication of a book or an article, a presentation at an academic conference, or for one course supporting your research activities or a current research project. Multiple applications including applications for combined funding (e.g., funding for field research and presenting research at a conference) will not be considered.